Finally the most awaiting 3 Idiots released. One thing I can say is it’s excellent, Full 5 Stars Rating. This movie is not the exact copy of Five Point Some One (Author : Chetan Bhagath) but Inspired by FPS. The basic concept and few parts are used as it is from the book. Except that the whole movie story line is re-written by Hirani & Joshi. Even those who read the book will thoroughly enjoy the movie.

I’ve read the book FPS. but the movie made me to sit at the edge at some moments. You cannot guess what happens next even if you read the book. Rajkumar Hirani is a real story teller and entertainer. He proved that writing a book is different than making a movie. We have seen how disaster it would be if adapt the book as it is to movie with the film Hello (Movie adaption of Chetan Bhagat’s One night at the call center). Raju just took the concept and few characters and some best part of the movie and cooked his own story with all the ingredients required to make a good movie. The comedy is ultimate and every one acted well.

The music is complementary and I didn’t see any song poking unnecessarily. There is lot of twits in the story with more interesting turning points those not available in the book FPS.

Here is the comparison between FPS and 3 Idiots

Similarities :

  • 3 Main Characters with different backgrounds
  • Raju committing Suicide
  • Visiting Raju’s House
  • Admitting Raju’s Father to Hospital
  • Stealing Question Paper from Virus’s Office
  • Telling Story from the point of view of Hari (Farhan)
  • Ragging Session (But a different type of ragging)
  • App Mech Class (With lot of humour)
  • Last but not least the concept of following your heart and need for change in the education system
  • Piya – Director’s Daughter
  • Virus (Director)’s Son’s suicide note


  • Hari (Farhan)’s passion for photography
  • Piya pairs with Rancho (Ryan) not with Hari
  • Hari (Farhan)’s Family
  • Challenge of Chathur
  • Chathur’s Speech (The Ultimate humor – the best part of the movie )
  • The Climax
  • Rancho (Ryan’s) Secret
  • “All iz well” tagline
  • And much more. You have to watch the movie to enjoy it.

Over All Raju Hirani scores 5 out 5 for the direction, story, screen paly and dialogues. In a book you can be bit flexible and keep on writing for some extra pages nobody minds. But Making movie is not. It’s totally time constrained and utilizing each and every scene to demonstrate the actual concept of the story is very important and I think Raju scored well in that aspect. 

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3-idiots 3 idiots


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