After watching Slumdog Millionaire I keep wondering what is their in this movie that deserves Eight Oscar Awards. Though it deserves 3-4 awards for music, songs, Screenplay and Editing (It's really tough job to make a good screenplay for such a weak storyline). It doesn't deserve such over hype and rating. I can clearly make out that it's a totally biased result to award Oscar to this movie. Rahman's Music is good but he has scored much better music earlier that truely deserves Oscar. He would have got this award for his very first movie Roja. But anyway I'm happy that finally he got the award at least after so many years of hardwork. He is the only one who deserves it.

Slumdog is clearly an overrated, over hyped movie that glorified slums of Mumbai. Mr.Boyle know very well that poverty always sells in western world. Finally you can't even make out what actually he wants to show the world with this movie. It's another ordinary movie with all the masala stuff like Love, Crime, Rowdyism, communal riots, Underworld, Money, A game show everything put together. It really won't deserve an Oscar for that matter. Yes you can simply enjoy watch the movie for once and that's it. You should not expect anything beyond that. At least our own Lagaan stand up to the hype it created. But Slum is definitely puts your expectations down.

Critic Review : Slumdog Millionaire is a total crap for Oscar

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